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Serial & Custom Made Production of Control Cabinets

We produce control cabinets for every industrial application, from low to high voltage, with simple or very advanced control units and interfaces.

Control & Wiring unit focuses on control panels and control cabinets that exactly match the connectivity that our customers are looking for

We provide solutions for simple push button boxes, terminal boxes and switch boxes to complex automation and control systems. We realize this for various projects from single panel construction to full production automation.

What we control



Engineering contractors

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Transport & Logistics

Food & Beverage

What We Provide

Control Cabinets with Interfaces

Power Distribution

HVAC System Control

Wire Harnesses

Control Cabinet Production

DIRAC Industries builds customized electrical control and control panels

for industrial applications and for new product developments in a wide variety of sectors.

The varied range allows us to offer you a start-to-finish solution,

from the design of electrical diagrams to the programming of PLCs

to the construction and installation of the electrical distribution board.


Focus on big volumes and serial assembly

We can handle large orders thanks to our subsidiary in the Czech Republic that specializes in serial production of power boards and control cabinets. Every prefabricated distribution box is fully measured by a team of quality inspectors. The accurate and safe working environment is our starting point and our standard.

Customers can of course also indicate if they have specific preferences for certain suppliers or other goods.

The control box is built according to your wishes.


Focus on custom solutions

The operating systems that DIRAC can provide are fully customized for the customer. This includes detailed drawings, cabling, controllers, programmers, and multiloop.

As a loyal partner, we can provide you with great services in the construction of new installations, the adaptation of existing installations and troubleshooting.

The varied range allows us to offer you a start-to-finish solution. From the design of electrical diagrams to the programming of PLCs to the construction and installation of the electrical distribution board.

Tell Us More About Your Project

No project too big
or too small

We specialize in custom made solutions, which require complete project management. No matter the industry, if you are looking for a tailor-made solution for your application, do not hesitate to contact us. Our project management consists of detail explanation, planning, consultation and support for the duration of the project.

What You Will Receive


Our products are top quality and well known in the industry.
Our team consists of professionals only, from the initial consultation all the way to the design and production itself, your project is always handled with maximum effort and care.


Documentation and materials we provide to every project are professional and detailed. We use SolidWorks software and ensure the documentation consist of everything that is required. Working with us means you always have complete support.


Do you need to control something but are you unsure about the product needed? Contact our sales manager who will go through every step and provide you with the best solution that fits your needs. A happy and informed customer is our motto.

We Only Work With The Best Manufacturers

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Raf Douiri

Sales Engineer – Control & Wiring


Tel: +32 497 49 84 34


Email: raf.douiri@diracindustries.com

What Else

We Can Do For You

DIRAC Industries can rely on almost 50 years of experience in the domain of electric heating. We started as a small company focusing on domestic heating and over the years grew into the market leader in the field of electric industrial heating and many other areas.  

We treat every customer equally with the highest respect and care and constantly look for the safest, most environmentally friendly and economical solution.

Share your project with us and we will provide you the necessary support during every step.